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Golden-Rod Pug is almost identical to Grey Pug but much less common. Flight period (June to August) is different

Discal spot is long, straight and narrower than in Oak-Tree Pug

Forewing is more pointed and narrower than in Oak-tree Pug

Discal spot is long, oval and wider than in Brindled Pug

Pug moths -Larentiinae  

There are a lot of pug species and many are difficult to identify. Their wing markings are similar and variable. Several species also have dark (melanic) forms - which look nothing like the normal form.

Here we just illustrate the normal forms of some of the common species.

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Common Pug                                                                                            Currant Pug

A dull white spot near the trailing corner of each wing. Spot often double.

Flight period mainly May and June

Single bright white spot

long prominent discal spot

2. Foxglove Pug and Toadflax Pug - brightly coloured and very similar to one another

Foxglove Pug - The outside of the central cross-band has a kink where it meets the leading edge.

Flight period May-July

Toadflax Pug - The outside of the central cross-band curves gently round to meet the leading edge.

Flight period June-September

1. Green Pug and V-Pug
Pugs which are green
- although usually green when fresh these species do fade. There are other green pugs such as Bilberry Pug and Sloe Pug which are not very common and are not shown here.

Outer cross-line is narrow and zigzags gently.

Outer cross-line is thick and has a strong V-shape pointing to the outside edge of the forewing.

Flight period May-August

rather faint white crossline near outer edge of forewing

Brighter white crossline near outer edge of forewing

Other white spots on the back of the thorax and side of the abdomen.

Flight period May-August

Flight period April-August

(See also the larger Wormwood Pug)

white spot near the trailing corner of forewing is double

Forewing plain and often rusty brown

dark marks along leading edge of wing

Flight period Mainly June and July

Green Pug                                                                          V-Pug

Two dark patches near tip of forewing

White-spotted Pug
Similar to Common Pug and Currant Pug

4. Oak-Tree Pug, Brindled Pug, Mottled Pug, Grey Pug and Double-Striped Pug

3. Common Pug, White-Spotted Pug and Currant Pug

Oak-Tree Pug  Forewing 8-11mm
Late April to Early June

Brindled Pug  Forewing 10-12mm    
March to Early May

Forewing is less sharply pointed and broader than in Brindled Pug

Mottled Pug   Forewing 11-12mm

Grey Pug    Forewing 10-12mm

2 or 3 black wedges as in Oak-Tree Pug

Two wide pale streaks down each forewing towards the outer edge, cutting the crosslines

Thick central crossband curves towards trailing corner of the forewing

Cross-lines numerous and wavy

Discal spot is prominent and more rounded than in Mottled Pug

Double-Striped Pug  Mainly April-May and July-September
Fresh moths are very colourful and unmistakeable

2 Cross-lines are black edged and dominant - forming  the‘double stripes’

A lot of adults are badly worn but have still clearly more colour near the leading edge of the forewing

More colour towards the leading edge of the forewing

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