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2117 Autumnal Rustic                    Eugnorisma glareosa

2123 Small Square-spot  Diarsia rubi

2128 Double Square-spot                    Xestia triangulum

2120 Ingrailed Clay                     Diarsia mendica mendica

2126 Setaceous Hebrew Character                    Xestia c-nigrum  

2190 Hebrew Character  Orthosia gothica

Noctuinae - Hebrew Character, etc

2087 Turnip Moth        Agrotis segetum  

2089 Heart and Dart   Agrotis exclamationis

2092 Shuttle-shaped Dart   Agrotis puta

2088 Heart and Club       Agrotis clavis

2091 Dark Sword-grass Agrotis ipsilon

2098 Flame                   Axylia putris

Noctuinae - Darts, etc
Noctuinae - Yellow Underwings

2109 Lesser Yellow Underwing                         Noctua comes

2111 Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing          Noctua janthe

2107 Large Yellow Underwing                           Noctua pronuba

2110 Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing                            Noctua fimbriata

2112 Least Yellow Underwing                     Noctua interjecta

Rustic,Uncertain etc.

2134  Square-spot Rustic                    Xestia xanthographa

2382  The Rustic Hoplodrina blanda

2387  Mottled Rustic Caradrina morpheus

2381 Uncertain                     Hoplodrina alsines

2384  Vine's Rustic                    Hoplodrina ambigua

Coronet, Common Rustic etc

2155  Dot Moth  Melanchra persicariae

2232  Black Rustic  Aporophyla nigra

2289  Knot Grass  Acronicta rumicis

2343  Common Rustic agg.                    Mesapamea secalis agg.

2171  Marbled Coronet                  Hadena confusa

2278  Poplar Grey                   Acronicta megacephala

2291  Coronet  Craniophora ligustri

2291  Coronet f coronula                   Craniophora ligustri

        Quakers etc.        

2182 Small Quaker  Orthosia cruda

2187  Common Quaker Orthosia cerasi

2189  Twin-spotted Quaker  
Orthosia munda

2263   Red-line Quaker Agrochola lota

2186  Powdered Quaker
Orthosia gracilis

2188  Clouded Drab  Orthosia incerta

2262 Brick    Agrochola circellaris

2264 Yellow-line Quaker
Agrochola macilenta

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Pictures with Bradley & Fletcher Numbers,  English & Scientific Names
Sometimes species have been grouped with moths which look similar even if they are not closely related


2197 Southern Wainscot - Mythimna straminea

2199 Common Wainscot - Mythimna pallens

2375 Large Wainscot - Rhizedra lutosa

2198 Smoky Wainscot - Mythimna impura

2205 Shoulder-striped Wainscot - Mythimna comma

Noctuid pics

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       Other Noctuids

2193 Clay   Mythimna ferrago

2422 Green Silver-lines
Pseudoips prasinana britannica

2194 White-Point Mythimna albipuncta

2421 Scarce Silver-lines
Bena bicolorana


2269  Centre-barred Sallow
Atethmia centrago

2273  Pink-barred Sallow
Xanthia togata

2272  Barred Sallow
Xanthia aurago

2274  Sallow
Cirrhia icteritia
     ( Syn.
Xanthia icteritia)


     Chestnuts etc        

2139 Red Chestnut
Cerastis rubricosa

2259 Dark Chestnut
          Conistra ligula

2267 Beaded Chestnut
Agrochola lychnidis

2258 Chestnut
Conistra vaccinii

2266 Brown-spot Pinion
Agrochola litura

2270 Lunar Underwing
Omphaloscelis lunosa